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License Information for 2013 Montana hunting season

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5/S Outfitting

Glenn Smith, Owner Licensed Outfitter #63
Joel Smith, Licensed Guide

Point of Contact: Joel Smith,
321 Old Hwy 200, Trout Creek, Montana 59874
Home Phone: 406-827-9648


The application deadline for Montana big game hunting licenses for the  Fall 2013 hunting season is 3/15/13..

A hunter can get their application by applying online. Either download the application form from or simply complete it online. 5/S Outfitting will be happy to send you an application form to fill out and mail back to the state. As your outfitter, we will gladly assist you with the website application process.

Please note that outfitter sponsored guaranteed licenses are no longer in effect. The 2013 Montana Elk/Deer Combination license will all be on a draw basis. The last few years, not all the licenses were sold and we anticipate all who apply will have a license. If you give us a deposit and are unfortunate to not be drawn, we will refund your deposit in full or hold it for the following year.

Costs for Montana hunting licenses are as follows:
License Type Cost Application Deadline
Elk/Deer Combination License
March 15, 2010
Bear License
Apr.1 Spr. Bear, Aug. 1 Fall Bear

Due to a change in the Montana regulations for lion permits, outfitters no longer receive guaranteed Lion permits for their clients. Therefore, we have eliminated our "pre-scheduled" lion hunt. It is up to you to obtain your Montana lion hunting permit prior to setting up a hunt with us. If you are successful in obtaining a lion permit, you may then call us to inquire about a guided hunt. To apply for a Montana Mountain Lion Permit, Please see the Montana Online Licensing system at:

The deposit required on all Deer/Elk rifle, & archery hunts is $1,000.00, and the deposit on bear hunts is $800.00. This amount is applied towards the hunt of your choice, with the balance due in the form of cash or cashier's check at the time of your arrival. Or, you may pay the balance by personal check 30 days prior to your hunt. A deposit refund is given when a hunter is unsuccessful at drawing a tag. 

For a list of prices on individual guided hunts, please click HERE, or click the "Pricing" link to the left.


Montana hunting land
We look forward to sharing the beauty of our pristine Montana Landscape
during your upcoming hunting experience.

For more information on our Montana Hunting packages, please contact us via the contact information provided at the top of this page,
or click below to email Joe & Berta with any questions you may have.

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